Previous Governors


 Hon'ble Governor of Bihar - Sunder Singh Bhandari

Name:Sunder Singh Bhandari
Birth Date:12th April, 1921.
Place of Birth:Udaipur, Rajasthan.
Father's Name:Dr. Sujan Singh ji Bhandari.
Address:7 B, Mograwadi, Udaipur (Rajsthan).
M.A.:M.A. (Economics) from DAV College, Kanpur. 1942.
L.L.B. :S.D. College, Kanpur. 1941.
Positions Held   
1998-99:Governor of Bihar.
Career Milestones
Advocate, Mewar High Court, Udaipur (1942-43).
Headmaster, Siksha Bhawan, Udaipur (1943-46).
Joined R.S.S. in 1938 at Kanpur.
Divisional Pracharak of R.S.S., Rajasthan (1946-51).
General Secretary, B.J.S. Rajsthan (1951-57).
All India Secretary, B.J.S. (1957-67).
All India General Secretary, B.J.S. (1967-77).
Member, National Executive, Janata Party (1977-80).
Treasurer, B.J.P. (1980-81).
All India Vice-President, B.J.P. (1981-98).
Member, Rajya Sabha (1966-72, 1976-82 and again in 1992-98).
Leader, B.J.P. Group in Rajya Sabha (1967-68).
Deputy Leader, Janata Parliamentary Party (1977-80).
Deputy Leader, B.J.P. Parliamentary Group (1980-82).
Chairman, Petitions Committee, Rajya Sabha, (1992-94).
Chairman, PSC on Transport, Tourism and Civil Aviation (1996-98).
Member, Parliamentary Committee of Enquiry on CSIR (1968-71).
Member, Parliamentary Committee for the Welfare of SC/ST (1970-72).
Member, National Railway Users Consultative Committee (1970-72).
Member, Agricultural Prices Commission (1978-80).
Member, Central Posts & Telegraphs Advisory Committee (1978-80).
Member, Parliamentary Committee on Public Undertakings (1980-81).
Member, Office of Profit Committee (1968-72 and 1977-80).
Member, Subordinate Legislation Committee of Rajya Sabha (1980-81).
Member, Committee of Privileges, Rajya Sabha (1993-97).
Member, General Purposes Committee, Rajya Sabha (1994-97).
Member, Indian Delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union meeting at LISBON (Portugal), March 1978.
Member, Indian Delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union meeting at SEOUL (South Korea), April 1997.
Detained under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act in Delhi from January 1976 to January 1977.

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