Bihar Maternity and child welfare society, Patna.

    Publish Date: November 23, 2021
    Bihar Maternity & Child Welfare Society Patna

    The maternity and child welfare society is registered under the Society Registration Act 1860 on 15th October 1928. The society is established with the objective for promotion, supervision, administration and maintenance of maternity family and child welfare work in Bihar. Lady Stephenson was the first President of the Managing Committee of this society. Now Governor of Bihar is the President of the managing Committee. There is a working committee to assist and discharge the duties of this society. There are three centers for maternity and child welfare being run by this society. These centers are located at Bhawar Pokhar, Sabjibagh, Patna, Gayghat, Patna and Mangal Talab, Patna City, Patna.