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    Regarding Online UG Level admission in Universities of Bihar. 24/07/2018
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    Direction relating to affiliation of Colleges within time frame. 06/07/2018
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    Regarding submission of information on NAAC accreditation of Colleges. 18/06/2018
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    Clarification on the issues related to the pending examination after creation of new Universities. 14/06/2018
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    Regarding submission of detailed information abou B.Ed. Colleges as per the undertaking submitted by colleges and conditions laid down by university while granting affiliation. 08/06/2018
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    Benchmarking for Quality and Standards in Higher Education. 29/01/2018
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    Regarding policy decision in universities of Bihar. 07/02/2017
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    Regarding adoption of guidelines of UGC to mention the modw of delivery :”ODL/Distance” on all the degree,Diploma and certificates obtained under ODL mode issued to the Students. 19/12/2016
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    Use of only empanelled Security Presses of indian Bank Association by Universities of Bihar. 06/12/2016
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    Regarding the policy decisions to be taken by the universities. 20/10/2016
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    Removal of Dr. Sita Ram Singh from The post of Registrar, Magadh University. 08/10/2016
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    Request to ensure presence in the University Headquarters. 06/10/2016
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    A letter to Registrar, Universities of Bihar (except RAU, Pusa & BAU, Sabour ) regarding “Status of Colleges running B.Ed./M.Ed. courses even after issuance of show cause notice by NCTE on account of non following the norms of NCTE”. 26/07/2016
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    Setting up of Cells in Universities/Colleges viz. Pension Cell, teaching and non-teaching employees grievances Cell and Student Welfare Cell. 20/07/2016
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    Setting up of Pension Cell by University to expedite disbursement of retiral benefits to beneficiaries. 20/07/2016
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    Attendance of Faculty members in the Universities/Colleges. 01/07/2016
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    Submission of Grievances of Teaching & Non-teaching staffs of Colleges & Universities of Bihar to Chancellor Office. 31/05/2016
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    Regarding obtaining prior approval for running or enrolling of students in Vocational Courses in University and Colleges. 18/04/2016
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    Regarding prior approval for running Vocational Courses in University and Colleges or enrolling students in courses. 12/04/2016
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    Regarding obtaining prior approval for running or enrolment of students in Vocational courses in University and Colleges 20/08/2015
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