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    Appointment of retired Officers as Registrars in the Universities of Bihar. 27/11/2018
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    Committee constituted to prepare a Uniform University Vocation Calendar for all universities of Bihar. 27/11/2018
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    Regarding approval of Col. Praveer Kant Jha from the post of Registrar, Munger University, Munger. 15/11/2018
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    Regarding appointment of Shri Murlidhar Pandey as Finance Officer, KSD Sanskrit University, Darbhanga. 05/11/2018
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    Committee constituted for Library modernization in Universities 26/10/2018
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    Committee constituted for Scrutinize category of Awards 26/10/2018
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    Regarding extension of FO, MU, Bodh Gaya and FO, BRABU, Muzaffarpur. 23/10/2018
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    Appointment of Finance Officer(FO) in KSD Sanskrit University, Darbhanga. 17/09/2018
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    Committee constituted to scrutinize the applications for the appointment of FA. 14/09/2018
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    Committee for recommendation for re-designate Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/professor in Career Advancement Scheme. 05/09/2018
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    Constitution of Committee for Grievance Redressal System in Universities of Bihar. 29/08/2018
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    Request from BPSC to provide Subject wise details of newly appointed teachers. 28/08/2018
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    Three member committee of VCs for review of Regulation & Ordinance of CBCS. 27/08/2018
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    Regarding appointment of FOs in the Universities of Bihar. 23/08/2018
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    Transfer of Col. Kamesh Kumar, Registrar, Patliputra University, Patna to the post of Registrar, MMHAPU, Patna. 20/08/2018
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    Three members Committee of VCs for Service Matters, Promotions etc. of Universities of Bihar. 02/08/2018
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    Regarding appointment of Registrar in Purnea University, TMBU, Bhagalpur, JPU, Chapra & MMHAPU, Patna. 27/07/2018
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    Constitution of Committee of ViceChancellors to examine the modalities and legalities of holding pending examinations. 19/07/2018
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    Acceptance of Resignation of VC, VKSU. 18/07/2018
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    Col Ajay Kumar Roy appointed as a Registrar BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. 18/07/2018
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    Nomination by Hon’ble Chancellor in th Senate & Syndicate of Universities of Bihar. 06/07/2018
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    Constitution of Selection/Search Committee for the appointment of Financial Advisor. 14/06/2018
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    Notification regarding committee of Vice Chancellors for Pending examinations issues of Newly Constituted Universities of Bihar. 11/06/2018
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    Appointment of Registrars of MMHAPU, Patna, JPU, Chapra, MU, Bodh Gaya, KSD Sansktit University,Darbhanga and B N Mandal University, Madhepura. 14/05/2018
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    Notification regarding appointment of Pro-Vice Chancellor of Nalanda Open University, Patna. 10/05/2018
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